Peludo is a system to create and run platform independent, self-contained and injectable applications written in the C programming language. It provides a cross compiling environment with the tools to generate applications in Peludo's new binary format (PLD). The system also provides the runtime necessary to launch these programs as independent executable files or as position independent code that can be injected into a running process. Peludo makes the netifera probe's Java virtual machine injectable and easier to port to new platforms.


Download the Peludo tools, sample code and docs you need to create Peludized applications.

Peludo "Cachicamo" 1.0 Source: peludo-cachicamo-v1.0.0.tar.gz

SHA1: 819f70a7f026119b792db3ca29782feafb172a0c

Peludo "Cachicamo" 1.0 Linux/x86 host: peludo-cachicamo-v1.0.0-bin-linux-x86.tbz

SHA1: da33da3898800855101f20f87471719377e4a49d

Peludo "Cachicamo" 1.0 FreeBSD/amd64 host: peludo-cachicamo-v1.0.0-bin-freebsd-amd64.tbz

SHA1: 80f700f8e38d05270273c6f69eee6635db5ae634

Do not forget to check the examples, in particular the injectable extensible shell server:
$ cd /usr/local/peludo/examples/esh